The Association’s objectives are:

  • to act as an Association of judges (in the broad sense of the term) who are concerned with or interested in data protection law of the European Union or its Member States;
  • to provide a forum for the exchange of information and views in relation to data protection law in the judicial context;
  • to act as a resource of information relating to judicial decisions and applicable rules, whether national or European, in the field of data protection law, and to operate databases and other sources of information for judges dealing with data protection law;
  • to promote knowledge on data protection law and the practical management of data protection law cases from the judicial perspective;
  • to promote, undertake and co-ordinate research into data protection law issues from a judicial perspective and generally to disseminate the results thereof;
  • to discuss problems relating to data protection law and its enforcement from the judicial point of view with national or European authorities or organisations;
  • to co-operate with or assist any national or European organisation with similar objectives to some or all of the objectives of the Association or objectives considered by the Association to be beneficial to the Association;
  • to undertake similar activities to those set out in the previous sub-clauses in connection with the data protection laws of states and/or organisations which are outside the European Union;
  • to undertake all and any action or activity which the Association shall consider to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the Objectives.


The Statutes of the Association can be downloaded here.

How to join AEDPJ

Individuals may apply to join AEDPJ if they are dealing or are confronted with GDPR cases and belong to one of the following groups:

  • judges (professional and non-professional), either practising or honorary;
  • administrative court judges;
  • supreme or constitutional court judges;
  • EU Court judges


Applications should submit a written request consisting of a letter and a CV, addressed to AEDPJ. The Board of Directors decides on the admissibility of all applications.

The annual subscription fee is of 75 euro.

ERA is an institutional founding member of the Association.