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Data Protection for the Judiciary: Annual Conference and Meeting of the Association of European Data Protection Judges (AEDPJ)

Trier, 6 February 2023 – 7 February 2023


This conference will provide an overview of the current challenges regarding GDPR enforcement in the EEA countries. Participants will discuss how national courts interpret GDPR and approach selected problems arising in domestic case law. In addition to litigation trends at the domestic level, the jurisprudence of the Luxembourg and Strasbourg courts in light of the GDPR will be addressed along with regulatory trends outside the EEA. The event will offer an opportunity for networking and exchange of best practices.

Key topics

  • Supervision over data protection compliance
  • Public enforcement of the GDPR across the EU
  • Private enforcement and damage claims under the GDPR
  • Applying and interpreting the GDPR in judicial practice at national level
  • Ensuring data protection through European courts


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